MLR*Medical Legal Review
Providing assistance with the medical aspects of all legal cases

MLR*Medical Legal Review will:

  • provide an initial case review for merit
  • identify standards of care, causation, and damage issues
  • organize medical records and other medically related litigation materials
  • prepare chronologies of medical events and compare and correlate them to the allegations
  • conduct research and summarize medical literature identify and apply multidisciplinary standards of care and regulatory requirements
  • prepare materials to inform legal team members regarding medical facts and issues relevant to the case
  • assist with depositions, arbitration hearings and trials, including developing and preparing exhibits
  • collaborate with attorneys in preparing or analyzing complaints, answers, and motions for summary judgment, interrogatories, deposition and trial outlines, queries for direct and cross examination, document production requests, trial briefs, demand letters, and status reports
  • identify and retain expert witnesses
  • scan medical records and save to a CD for easier document management

Barb Rogers, RN, CLNC has 28+ years of clinical experience in multiple nursing specialties. She became a certified legal nurse consultant after successfully completing training provided by the Medical-Legal Consulting Institute in Houston, TX. Ms. Rogers is a contributing author for many publications including the National Paralegal Reporter. She has reviewed numerous textbooks including Cynthia Weishapple's nationally utilized Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting, In addition to her Legal Nurse Consulting firm, Ms. Rogers utilizes her nursing and teaching expertise while providing training for families of traumatic brain injury victims. Barb will provide a professional review of your case addressing all the medical aspects. She has a large network of expert witnesses that includes not only nurses, nurse anesthetists, nursing home administrators, and physicians in all medical specialties but also facility management engineers, new construction project managers, HVAC, DNA collection/analysis, fire and sprinkler code compliance, and asbestos/air quality monitoring professionals.

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